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Biobank20K Technical Specifications:

Jacket sintering vacuum ≤1×10- 5pa
Jacket vacuum leakage rate ≤1×10 - 9pam3/s 
Temperature Top temperature -183~-186℃
Bottom temperature -193~-196℃
Dimension External operating height (step to opening): 32 in/ 814mm
Step height: 23 in / 577mm (2 steps)
Height (floor to opening): 55in / 1391mm
Internal usable height: 30in / 760mm
Outside diameter: 34in / 868mm
Internal working diameter: 30in / 750mm
Neck opening: 13in / 330mm
Capacity Total LN2 capacity: 435L
LN2 under turntable: 72L
Power supply Power supply: AC110-220V / 50Hz-60Hz
Weight Empty weight: 783lb. / 355kg
Full weight: 1373lb. / 623kg
Inventory No. of 2ml vials:
-No. of 100/81 cell racks: 14,
No. of shelves per rack: 13,
No. of vials in 100 cell boxes: 18200
- -No. of 25 cell racks: 6,
No. of shelves per rack: 13
No. of vials in 25 cell boxes: 1950
--Total No. of 2ml vials: 20150
No. of blood bags: - -No. of 25ml blood bag rack: 212,
No. of shelves per rack: 7,
No. of 25ml blood bag: 1484
- -No. of 50ml blood bag rack: 128,
No. of shelves per rack: 7,
No. of 50ml blood bag: 896
- -No. of 250ml blood bag rack: 96,
No. of shelves per rack: 4,
No. of 250ml blood bag: 384