GOLD SIM International Group is a multinational, professional cell technology and cryogenic technology corporation. We have branches and R&D centers in USA, Europe and China. Since our establishment, GOLD SIM has been committed to continuous research and developments in  bio-cryogenics, bio-bank, cell factory, automation and lab equipments. With our professional R&D team and strong financial strength, we have formed a comprehensive product range, such as vapor phase LN2 cryogenic storage system, sample management software, freeze dryer, CO2 incubator, hybridization oven, bioreactor, controlled rate freezer, auto cell culture system, auto cell separation system, auto cell expansion system, etc. Our service scope has been expanded to hospital biobank, cord blood bank, stem cell bank, cellular therapy company, cell factory, university, pharmaceutical company, etc.
With rich experience in design and construction of stem cell bank, cord blood bank, biobank, cellular therapy center, mobile GMP factory, GOLD SIM can provide customers with a complete solution of sample cryo-preservation, including vapor phase LN2 cryogenic storage freezers, LN2 supply tanks, pipeline design and construction, sample management software, central control system, consumables, etc.

Extensive domestic and international customer base: USA Assure Immune, UCSF, India cord blood bank LIFECELL, STEMCYTE, China PLA General Hospital, the largest biobank in China-Zhangjiang Biobank, the biggest organ transplantation center in Asia- Tianjin First Center Hospital biobank, Hubei sperm bank, etc,.

The aim of GOLD SIM is to produce the world's most advanced and stable cryogenic system, cell separation, culture, expansion equipment, and build the world's largest and most advanced production base of cryo-preservation and cell factory equipment.

We have two product line, one is laboratory equipment line, which covers laboratory freeze dryer, pilot freeze dryer, gel documentation system, CO2 incubator, hybridization oven, pipette, etc.

Another is Biobanking product line, including big vapor phase LN2 cryogenic storage system, LN2 supply tanks, 2D cryogenic vials and boxes, pipeline design and construction, sample management software, central control system, etc. The aim of GOLD SIM is to establish the biggest, most advanced cryo-preservation production base in the world.